Michael's main passions are his spiritual practices of Hatha yoga (he's a certified Jivamukti teacher), Five Rhythms/ecstatic dance, and Bhakti Yoga. He's a Reiki practitioner and has been combining the modalities of dance, song, and energy work. He's also a third degree black belt in the Seido Karate system, and holds down a corporate job in the entertainment business. 

He discovered his musicality and voice through the practice of devotional chanting & has made it a consistent personal practice since he was introduced to daily chanting at the Sivananda ashram in the Bahamas in the late 90's. Living in NYC at the time, he was delighted to discover the kirtan community (thanks to his first Krishna Das event at the Jivamukti Yoga Center), and took every opportunity to sit with the likes of Jai Uttal, Bhagavan Das, Shyamdas, Krishna Das, and others. 

He sings some traditional songs with his own embellishments, but mostly traditional mantras set to original music. He sings with a sweet, heart-felt yearning – weaving a soundscape of hypnotic harmonics. The Devotional mood ranges from dreamy to joyful celebration, to fierce intensity.

He feels excited and blessed to be able to share his practice with others – to have the opportunity to create an uplifting communal experience of group prayer. He can be found leading kirtan at yoga studios in the Los Angeles area, at conscious gatherings, at the beach, or singing with his harmonium as a soundscape for yoga classes. Please feel free to make contact for more details, or to book him for events or private sessions.

He humbly & gratefully bows at the feet of his Teachers, and wishes only to be a sincere ripple of their grace radiating from divine source. His deepest desire is to be a facilitator of healing & an agent of consciousness awakening on the planet.